About us

introduction of a company :
BOZORGMEHR.BRANCH electronics industry company with accreditation from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to work in the fields of electronics, automation and instrumentation was launched in 1383 and in 1385 became member of the provincial engineering services (Association of Esfahan Engineering Services) income. IRISA & rubber Co. in grant of Dena provide huge industrial projects.
Some projects are as follows:
Design and construction of the National Motor Oil Pump Tester EF7 Iran Khodro Company in 1385.
Design, manufacture and installation of monitoring systems of water supply, Saba Steel Co. in 1387.
Design, manufacture and installation of automation system and the control unit cache steel kettles Khuzestan Steel Company in 1388.
Design, manufacture and installation of automation systems and Mantvryng 275-ton crane steel unit Khuzestan Steel Company in 1390.
Design and Build Remote I / O Siemens industrial network Profi bass casting machine 4 units of Mobarakeh Steel Company in 1393.
Design, manufacture and installation of the battery charger is equipped with HMI units Dvqfs·h Tandem cold rolling mill Mobarakeh Steel in 1395.
Programming and commissioning automation and control system PLC of Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI) manufacturing unit DENA radial tires in 1395.